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When do I have a website penalty

Because of the many updates Google does it is hard to keep up with the correct rules. Linkbuilding Partner can find out for you if you have a Google penalty and if so how Linkbuilding Partner can fix this for you.

With the new Panda and Penguin updates Google has prevailed in the battle against web spam and bad quality web content. A website with mediocre content quality will lose google ranking. That’s why it’s very important to have at least the same quality or better quality content than your competitors.

What is a Google Penalty

When losing keyword rankings as a result of the Panda update this can be explained as a Google penalty. This might feel as a punishment but in reality it’s nothing more than a reevaluation of your website. Your rankings will increase if the quality of your website improves.

When a website is caught sending out web spam you probably receive a Google penalty. This is a manual action against web spam and will result in immediate decreased organic rankings.

Can my website penalty be fixed?

Yes, this is very possible. In this situation can be resolved by removing all the practices that don’t meet the Google guidelines. To get some insight on this matter we advise you to get a in depth scan of your domain so you can remove all the bad links. This project will be completed by sending in a reconsideration request. To find out more check our penalty scan and for more information feel free to personally contact us.

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